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school Sep 15, 2022
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Switching a Child to a Different Classroom When They Don’t Like the Teacher—Should You Do it?


Switching a child to a different classroom is something most parents think about and struggle with at one point or another. Often, it’s because a child complains about the teacher. A parent, in this case, may worry that the child will be too upset or uncomfortable to concentrate in class. On the other hand, parents know that dealing with difficult people can be an important life lesson—and that kids won’t always have their parents to bail them out. The experts, however are divided: some believe the child should remain where they are, some take a wait-and-see approach, while still others say the child should absolutely be switched to another classroom.

In the run-up to the first day of school, kids are filled with anticipation and excitement. They like to imagine what school will be like this year. Children may long to be assigned to the same classroom as their friends. And in some cases, the child yearns to be with a specific teacher. It is hard for parents to watch a child’s disappointment when things don’t pan out as they’d hoped.

Dr. Stacy Haynes, child therapist and parenting expert says that parents should try to identify what it is that makes the teacher “bad” before switching a child to a different classroom. “Not all students and teachers are a good match. I often encourage my families that I work with—‘You don’t have to like the teacher to pass the class,’” says Haynes....

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