COVID-19’s Impact on Kids with Autism & How Parents Can Help

autism Sep 15, 2022
Autism Covid Parents

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he outbreak of COVID-19 has been difficult enough, commanding a new way of life for a disease that seemingly sprouted up overnight. For the approximate 1 in 54 U.S. children that live with autism, it’s been an entirely different experience — fraught with added confusion, anxiety and fear. In general, death is a hard subject for any child to cope with, and even harder to process for those with autism. As loved ones are lost, routines have changed and “normal” has morphed, kids with autism struggle to understand a world that’s suddenly so different and no longer feels safe.

A recent online survey of parents, the “Psychosocial and Behavioral Impact of COVID-19 in Autism Spectrum Disorder,” shows that COVID-19 has created challenges for an overwhelming 93.9% of families. From work and school to our finances, and even the cost of our home insurance, the COVID pandemic has changed every facet of how we live our lives.

“The pandemic has exponentially affected those on the autism spectrum, as well as the families, guardians, and caregivers of special needs populations,” agrees Dr. Karen Aronian, Ed.D..

As the aunt of a child with autism, Dr. Stacy Haynes has seen these impacts first-hand with her own family. “I have seen my sister and other parents struggle with being the teachers or additional academic support for their child at home. Parents need educational supports to help their children at home, same as if they were in the classroom,” she says. “Parents with autistic children are finding it hard to balance work and school during the day.”

The impact of COVID-19

A huge part of these difficulties come from the fact that critical support systems are changed or no longer in place....

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